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Free breathing nose is especially important for infants and young children up to 1 year, as well as older children. Instinct breathing it appears the child to only 3 months of life, and sustanon side effects at a cold and stuffy nose is filled with mucus kid and it becomes difficult to breathe. This disrupts its normal life: a baby becomes restless and whiny, he ceases to eat l does not sleep.

Otrivin Baby drop irrigation of the nasal cavity in disposable vials-droppers – designed for oral care babies nose and children under 1 year of age or older, to moisten and cleanse the nasal mucosa. This sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution whose pH is near the natural secretory fluids of the nasal mucosa.

Otrivin Baby is designed to moisten and cleanse the nasal mucosa with dryness and irritation during colds. adverse environmental conditions, as well as for the daily hygiene of the nasal cavity:

  • It helps to maintain normal physiological condition of the nasal mucosa.
  • It promotes liquefaction of mucus and facilitates its removal from the nose, increases sustanon side effects resistance of the nasal mucosa to pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • facilitates removal of allergens with the nasal mucosa in allergic rhinitis.


Otrivin Baby drop irrigation cavity nosa- sterile isotonic saline solution without preservatives (saline). Contains 0.74% sodium chloride, and sodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, macrogol glitserilritsinoleat (Cremophor RH40) and purified water. Each bottles containing 5 ml of sterile saline in a 18-pack of bottles droppers.

Indications for use:

  • Hygiene nasal cavity in acute and chronic catarrhal diseases of the nose, sinuses and throat, as in allergic rhinitis
  • Daily hygiene of the nasal cavity to preserve the protective properties of the mucous membrane in the dry conditions or air pollution (in Vol. H. Air conditioning, central heating, etc.).
  • Hygienic means for the prevention of infectious diseases of the nose and throat, and inflammation after surgery

 Dosage and administration:

For the hygiene of the nasal mucosa and prevention of diseases of the nose and nasopharynx children under 1 year of age and older drops Otrivin Baby used intranasally for 2- 4 washing in each nostril daily (can be longer if necessary).

  1. One vial-dropper should be separated from the rest, opening the bottle, turning the cap clockwise.
    1. nasal lavage from an early age the child is carried out in the supine position. Turn your child’s head to the side. Previously should be released from the nasal cavity mucus. The solution was instilled into each nostril sequentially, slightly pressing the bottle (introduced a few drops or more, if you want a more thorough cleaning).
    2. It is necessary to put a child in a few seconds, if necessary. excess solution and sustanon side effects mucus should be removed from the nasal cavity. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.
    3. The vial is closed by pressing the lid.

    To remove the mucus from the nose in children is recommended to use an aspirator Otrivin Baby with replaceable nozzles.

    For hygienic one bottle should be used only for one child.

    Dropper bottle contents should be used within 12 hours after the first opening.

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