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sustanon 250

The interactions between itraconazole and zidovudine and fluvastatin were found.
There was no effect of itraconazole on the metabolism of ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone. Effects on the binding of proteins.
Studies in vitro have demonstrated a lack of competition between itraconazole and drugs sustanon 250 such as imipramine, propranolol, diazepam, cimetidine, indomethacin, tolbutamide and sulfamethazine for communication with plasma proteins.

special instructions

  • It found that itraconazole has a negative inotropic effect. It reported cases of heart failure associated with taking Orunita. Orun should not be taken in patients with chronic heart failure, or with the presence of this disease in history except in cases where the potential benefit significantly outweighs the potential risk. When an individual assessment of risk-benefit ratio should be taken into account such factors as the seriousness of the indications, dosage regimen and individual risk factors for congestive heart failure. Risk factors include the presence of heart disease such as coronary heart disease or valvular disease; serious lung diseases, such as obstructive lung disease; kidney failure and other diseases, accompanied by edema. Such patients should be informed about the signs and symptoms of heart failure. Treatment should be given with caution, and the need to monitor the patients to identify symptoms of congestive heart failure. When they appear Orun intake should be stopped.
  • Calcium channel blockers can have negative inotropic effect, which can enhance this effect itraconazole; itraconazole can reduce the metabolism of calcium channel blockers. At the same time taking itraconazole and calcium channel blockers should be careful.
  • At reduced gastric acidity: Absorption of itraconazole is broken. Patients taking antacids (eg, aluminum hydroxide), it is recommended to use no earlier than 2 hours after taking the capsules Orun.Patients with achlorhydria or applying H 2 -gistamin blockers or proton pump inhibitors, are advised to take the capsules with Orun acidic drinks.
  • In very rare cases, sustanon 250 when applying Orunita develop severe hepatotoxicity, including cases of acute liver failure with fatal consequences. In most cases, this occurred with patients who have already had liver disease, patients who received systemic therapy for indications with other serious medical conditions and in patients receiving other drugs having gepatotoksichekskim action. Some patients have no obvious risk factors identified in relation to liver damage.
  • Several of these cases occurred in the first month of therapy, and some – in the first week of treatment. In this connection, it is recommended to regularly monitor liver function in patients receiving treatment with itraconazole. Patients should be warned of the need to immediately contact your doctor in case of symptoms, suggesting the occurrence of hepatitis, such as: anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weakness, abdominal pain, and dark urine. In the event of such symptoms should immediately discontinue therapy and to conduct a study of liver function. Patients with increased activity of “liver” enzymes or liver disease in the active phase, or at any adjourned toxic liver damage when taking other medications should not be given treatment Orun unless the expected benefit justifies the risk of liver damage. In these cases, during the treatment to monitor the activity of “liver” enzymes.
  • Abnormal liver function: Itraconazole is metabolized primarily in the liver. The half-life of itraconazole in patients with cirrhosis increased slightly. Bioavailability when sustanon 250 administered orally slightly reduced in patients with liver cirrhosis. In this case, it may be necessary dose adjustment. When the duration of receiving more than one month is necessary to monitor liver function.
  • Impaired renal function: In patients with renal insufficiency, the bioavailability of itraconazole may be reduced. In this case, it may be necessary dose adjustment.
  • The treatment should be discontinued when a neuropathy, which may be associated with the reception örün capsules.
  • There is no evidence of cross-hypersensitivity to itraconazole and other azole antifungal agents. Orun capsules should be used with caution in patients with hypersensitivity to other azoles.
  • Patients with impaired immunity (AIDS, organ transplantation, neutropenia) may need to increase the dose.

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